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Wheel Supplier

When you choose us at Keener's Hubcaps & Wheels in Deerfield, VA, our 20 years experience is utilized to provide you with the best service in the region. Whether you’re looking for hubcaps for a large SUV or a small work vehicle, we have exactly what you need.

Our hubcaps come new and used in most cases. Our wheels are guaranteed to be round and we check each one for defects before we deliver to you. Whether new or used, quality is a top priority. If it came on your vehicle, we can replace it.

Whether you are looking to replace a bent or damaged wheel, a broken hubcap, or just want to change styles of original equipment, we have or can get exactly what you need.

Between busy work schedules, running errands, and getting your kids to school and after-school activities, you may not have time to search for these products yourself. That’s why we bring them to you. For your convenience, we offer free local delivery so you don’t have to worry.




new hubcap


hubcap on car


new hubcap on car

Steel and Aluminum Wheels for

  • New & Used Vehicles
    • Trucks
    • Cars
    • SUV's
    • 4x4's
  • American & Foreign

Products Include

  • Hubcaps-1949 to 2019
  • Wire Wheel Covers
  • Center Caps
  • Trim Rings
  • Lug Nuts
  • Wheel Simulators
  • Space Saver Spares 

We offer

  • Factory Original Equipment
  • Free Local Delivery